Restoration Collection Target Species

The Restoration Collection Target Species list is the current focus of our collecting activity, centering primarily on tallgrass prairie habitat in the Midwestern states. The Dixon National Tallgrass Prairie Seed Bank collects and banks seed from multiple populations of these important restoration species across their geographic ranges. Specifically, we aim to bank seed from each ecoregion where a species occurs, conserving germplasm from representative habitats to maximize genetic diversity available for restoration and research.

Download our 2023 Restoration Collection Target Species list here.

Please see the downloadable PDF document for further information, ecoregion information, and whether or not a species has already been collected or assigned to a collector within a specific ecoregion. To sign up to collect a species within an ecoregion please email your request to the Seed Bank Manager at

Omernik Ecoregions (click on map for larger image):

27. Central Great Plains 50. Northern Lakes and Forests
28. Flint Hills 51. North Central Hardwood Forests
39. Ozark Highlands 52. Driftless Area
40. Central Irregular  Plains 53. Southeastern Wisconsin Till Plains
42. Northwestern Glaciated Plains 54. Central Corn Belt Plains
43. Northwestern Great Plains 55. Eastern Corn Belt Plains
44. Nebraska Sand Hills 56. Southern Michigan/Northern Indiana Drift Plains
46. Northern Glaciated Plains 71. Interior Plateau
47. Western Corn Belt Plains 72. Interior River Valleys and Hills
48. Lake Agassiz Plain 73. Mississippi Alluvial Plain
49. Northern Minnesota Wetlands 74. Mississippi Valley Loess Plain


Download the Omernik Ecoregion Map to locate your ecoregion here.